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- Type : Soft serve
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Twin Twist Serve - The best for ice cream shops


Located in the thriving city, Shenzhen, TAYCOOL, with its own brands, is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality table top model ice cream machine with 3 flavors and two control system. Providing with customized service and with quantity machines in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and cheap bulk table top model ice cream machine with 3 flavors and two control system at low price with us.

3 flavours, slim table top model ice cream machinery with dual control system This counter top machine satisfy various production needs, such as soft serve, frozen yogurt and soft ice cream.

Soft Ice Cream Making Machine With 2+mix Flavors And Dual Control System 

Brief Introduce:

Twin twist flavour, slim countertop model ice cream machinery with dual control system This counter top machine satisfy various production needs, such as soft serve, frozen yogurt and soft ice cream. Fitted with original Franch Tecumseh compressor. Dual control system

Quick details:

Item No: TC482S

Trademark: TAYCOOL

Feature: Gravity System

Type: Counter Top

No of flavours:  Twin

Application: Ice Cream

Power Source: Electric

OEM and ODM: Yes

Origin: Shenzhen, China(Mainland)

HS Code: 8418699020

Pre-cooling: Yes

Overnight: Yes

Packing & Delivery:  

Packaging Detail: Standard Poly-wood Case.

Delivery Details: By Sea or Airfreight. 

Shipping Time: Within two weeks after deposit paid.

Taycool soft ice cream maker TC482S Introduction:

Take this model TC482S for example, this is totally a newest soft ice cream machine in Taycool factory in the year of 2016. It's main advantages are as following:

1: Independent control system: It has independent cooling system, freezing hoppers and cylinders. In fact, this ice cream maker equals to two ice cream machines. If only a small number of customers, you can just turn one side on, but turn another side off. This will help you save much energy. Also, in case of one side of the machine has a problem and does not work properly, then don't worry, just turn it off and use another side to continue to dispense ice cream or frozen yogurt.

2: Huge production: This new model fitted with 2*14 liter hoppers and 2*2.0 liter cylinders, very big production. it can make 5000~7000 cups ice cream ! As per 80g/cup, this data from our end-user's real feedback.

3: Low noise design: Many soft ice cream machines in market has annoying noise problems when the ice cream machine is working, this is really bad. But all Taycool series ice cream machines, frozen yogurt makers can provide you very lower noise equipments, the noise is controlled within 45 dB, very quiet, especially this model is not belt driving system. 

Taycool soft ice cream freezer TC482S Parts Details:

1. Beaters - stainless steel beaters with blades- simple beaters with self-sharpening design, Economically, only the blades need to be replaced.                                                  

3. Expansion valve -  DANFOSS expansion valve.

4. Motor - Direct driving system, no belt.

5. Discharge door - transparent acrylic materials.

6. Discharge door handle - stainless steel.

7. Hoppers are protected with easy to remove stainless steel covers.

Taycool table top ice cream machine TC482S Highlights:

1. Design and Developed in Italy, elegant appearance. For this independent separate touch panel controls for each cylinders helps you dispense combination twist of different flavors.

2. Food grade stainless steel materials, more healthy.

3. Mini high production, vertical ventilation, small size, huge performance.

4. Perfect dual pre-cooling in hopper and cylinder. Unique defrosting technology to ensure  no ice slag left.

5. Agitator system, mixing system to minimize product separation in the hopper.

6. By using heat exchange theory, the ice cream shapes quickly with high precision in cylinder. Very little    residue, saves much cost.  

7. Energy-saving, up to 15% with perfect structure optimization among the compressor, motor and evaporator.

8. 750W right angle motor, no belt, noise down to 45dB, shapes quickly, higher viscosity.

9. American top insulation materials, low-emission heat and cooling systems, keeping the mix fresh continuously.

10. Perfect continuity of dispensing with creamy taste.

11. The low mix indicator in hopper, avoiding frozen cylinder.

12. Overnight function, keep the mix fresh, save cost.

13. Counter function, estimate cost for your ice cream business.

14. With frequency converter system, the machine runs more stable and quiet, also energy-saving !  

15. One year warranty for the whole machine, two years for the compressor and motor. 2years for the whole machine for distributor.

16. Good feedback from more than 1000 yogurt / ice cream shops globally.

17. Special frozen cylinder optimizes refrigerant efficiency, protection system for better performance, 


Taycool offers all popular soft serve ice cream mixture from low or non-fat ice cream to yogurt. They are great for start-up business like coffee shops and bistros.

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